Attribute type: L Used in:

Expected input:
IDMeaningINT 1S-4
1depth known  
2depth or least depth unknownIK 40;422.9;
3doubtful soundingII 2;417; 424.4;
4unreliable soundingII 14;412.4;
5no bottom found at value shownII 13;412.3;
6least depth knownIK 26-27;422.3-4;
7least depth unknown, safe clearance at value shownIK 30;422.7;
8value reported (not surveyed)II 3.1;417, 424.5;
9value reported (not confirmed)II 4; 
10maintained depthII 23;414.2;
11not regularly maintained  
The attribute 'quality of sounding measurement ' indicates the reliability of the value of sounding.